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Today I made a desition: I’m gonna study harder than I ever did before (that doesn’t mean a lot, but at least is somethin!). I need some help…

In the morning I had slept only 4 hours and was just too tired to go to “college” (is not a college, is between a college and school…I will explain it later) but Eva weas there to tell me how important it is to get some papers that says that you actually know something althou you REALLY know it. Anyway, I got up (after some tiers) and went directly to “Southern Polygon” (literal translation!!) and went to classes, for my sorprise, they were doing an exam!!! :S it was shocking!!! but the teacher told me there will be another exam (in this case for me and other who didn’t made the exam) in January 🙂 Let’s see how that one goes 😀


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