Anti-Firefox or SU (Stupid User)

It seems that in not comatible with Firefox 1.5 as some features are not usable with that version 😦 or is just me? anyway, there are some things that bother me, for example: If my blog is “homelinux” and I use “alejandro” as my nick, then I’m not able to edit pages directly from my post, but I whve to go to the Dashboard and the to Manage.

Hopefully this will change soon as I don’t like homelinux  as a nick 😛 (for some reason “Alejandro” is already registered but never used since september…weird)



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  1. After trying some more, I got with the answer 😉 there is 4 nicks (each twice 😉 ) so, I selected the second one and now it works…my question is: why there is every nick twice!!!

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