Samsung SinPoint SP1614N

It has been some dificoult days in my life 😦 my beloved HD has died a couple weeks ago. After beeing in a coma for several weeks, it was declared death TODAY!

Althou I will get a new one for christmas, and I want a Seagate this time! a 250Gb one!!! (the Samsung was 160…well, in the system says 140 something, which piss me off!!!) and lets hope the seagate has the REAL size and not just an aproximation grrrr.

If I’m lucky enuf, I’ll get paid for some days I worked in an Hotel early this month and with that I might be able to pay for the rest of the HD (the presents may not be les than 80€ and not more than 100€ but the HD costs more than 100 😦 )

I have some clues what’s going on with the HD: I installed a HDCooler in August, and I allways have the case open. Today I took off the HD fron the box and saw a lot of dust in the bottom (where the 2 fans were), it’s possible that the dust got in in the plates?

I don’t know, but lets see what the Suport service in spain says about this (well, I bought it in Austria, so let’s see if the accept the garranty!)

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