I’ll have GNU/Linux at pseudo-school!!!!

YES!!!! i talked with the teacher today and he told me I can keep any GNU/Linux version on the computer so long SuSe is also there (I was thinking about Ubuntu), maybe I stay with suse because of the space problem.

Anyway, I have to learn now how to use programs to programm in C++ so the Programming teacher won’t bother me about not using Windows while programming (I know, that REALLY stupid). I saw Kate as an alternative, make KDevelop, the problem is that I wanted to use Gnome, but well…lets stay with KDE at pschool and Gnome at home, that way I will compare them in “real-time” and decide finally which one I will definetly use in the future 😉


Filed under Gnome, GNU/Linux, KDE, Learning, OpenSource, Software

2 responses to “I’ll have GNU/Linux at pseudo-school!!!!

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