New Job, New life

As today, I work in the Casa Imperial 5 Stars Hotel in Seville, doing nothing and getting bored the whole day!!! Well, not allways as there is some people in the hotel nowadays. But what the hell, it’s a very good job!

I will sign the contract as soon as they get it from postal office (I think the adviser have to send it to the Hotel) but that’s ok because I am already registered in the Social Security System 😉 lets wait untill end of January so I will get paid…



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2 responses to “New Job, New life

  1. furryfakes

    hola! glad to hear you seem to be enjoying your work.

    anyway, i just came back from barce, madrid, san sebastian and bilbao. didn’t have a chance to visit seville, oh well.

    anyway, happy new year to you !

  2. Well yeah, it’s really stressing, but it’s ok, I have to do some extra-hours everyday but I like it. allthou I won’t have anytime for myself after the “pseudo-school” begin next January 9th. 😦

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