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Back when I was using my own webserver and NOBODY was reading my blog (well, just my girlfriend…how sad!) I spend a lot of time searching for a cool theme for and ended up with sooooo many options that it was dammn difficoult to decide which one of all those themes to use.

Here are some of the names I like so you can tell me if those are cool enuf to propouse them to the admins 😉

  • Almost Spring
  • Batavia
  • Bluebarry Boat
  • ChinaRed
  • Daisy Rae Gemini (bit girly, but look nice)
  • Desert Theme (I like this one)
  • FastTrack
  • Golden Gray
  • Last Regrest
  • Neptune
  • Rin
  • Scattered
  • Travelogue

Whatch all the Themes here

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  1. Your site ooks great! Love the blog.. If you are intewrested in any web design feel free to contact me at

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