My name for $50G?

A coupple days ago, I sent an email to a company because I wanted to buy a domain I could start my Photo gallery on a decent server (at the time it’s on a server loaded with the dammn emule from my “flat-mate” and its REALLY slow) that I found for a really good price 🙂

For my surprise, today I got the response: $50 I thought it wasn’t bad for a first level domain. In fact I made a post in Andrew’s blog saying this. Then I re-read the email as I was really going to do it (not now, I mean just “do it”) and bam! I hit the ground and it hurts really bad 😦 they were asking $50,000 for the domain. I thought it was $50.00

Now I’m still searching for a good domain that fits me, but I need Eva’s help…which one will be? ohhhh

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