Using Windows Live Messenger w/o Invitation

I just read a post ins Spanish about using WLM without invitation.

The post is short but it just says:

Nothing stops you from downloading WLM and install it. The problem comes when you try to connect as you get an error saying it wasn’t possible to connect (althou I got other message saying that a newer version was out, but for my sorprise it was the 7.5)

To avoid that kind of messages, you have to execute a program that helps you to deceive the verification, like MSNP13 Downgrader. A proxy that allows you emulate the version 13 from MSN protocol used by WLM in other server that uses the version 12

And I can say: it works 🙂


Search this:



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5 responses to “Using Windows Live Messenger w/o Invitation

  1. Ruslan

    Send ivait

  2. you don’t need it…read the post

  3. мне кажется: прелестно…

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