Superhero Test

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8 responses to “Superhero Test

  1. koke

    Hi! I don’t know why Wolfverine like any other X-Men aren’t included, maybe its beacause they was born mutants and they may or may not be superheroes… yust my 2 cents. Wolfverine is a hero though.

  2. Of course he is 😀 he is the coolest, althou Apocalypse (also from X-men) is also really cool 😉

  3. Rattler Tsai

    oh~ a funny quiz.
    I’m Hulk, Ha-ha~~, but I’m very thin. ^_^”

  4. foo

    Awesome ! I got Batman 🙂

    Batman 85%
    Green Lantern 85%
    Hulk 75%
    Spider-Man 60%
    Superman 55%
    Robin 40%

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