Searching for a mice

Well, Eva gave me a keyboar+mouse pack as a present in January and I like it, really, but the mouse isn’t working really great and I’m searching for a new one and can’t find the one I like.

Althou I know it has to be optical, I’m not sure about the cable. I love the ones you put vertically to charge the battery, but others are wellcomed 😉

I like this one for example

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5 responses to “Searching for a mice

  1. I use a wireless Logitech and it’s been wonderful that past 2 years.

  2. greenlightsabers

    Oh man, that mouse! I’ve been dying to get one of those for a looong time. Those are the best for gaming. 😉

  3. yes 😀 that is actually one of the most wanted 😉 but I can’t find it in the stores here in Seville 😦

  4. It really depends on what you do. Latest wireless models are grealty improved over previous generations and you can’t really go wrong with them, but still you’ll have you to charge them, not to mention that they’re very expensive. Of course, I’m talking here about Logitech’s models. If you don’t want to give too much money on mouse, I’d recommend Logitech’s MX510, but you also can’t make any mistake with some model from newer G series from Logitech.

    If you are looking for superb precision and not-so-good ergonomics, there is Razer, but I guess you aren’t much into gaming.

  5. Well, actually I want a gamin mouse 😉 the model in the pic is a gaming model from logitech. I keep searching with no luck 😦

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