I just installed Flock and it’s really great! (actually, I’m posting from flock  without having to go to my blog!!), sadly, there is always a "but", so but I can’t install the few extensions I need in order to use Flock (I use them in Firefox).

Most of the extensions complains about the version saying it needs a 1.+ version (flock is 0.5!)…so, 2 good 2 be true 😦

PS: Thank to Miahz I found a bunch of extensions I’m able to use with Flock.
PS2: The link for Flock

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6 responses to “Flocking…

  1. Try FLOCK’D to convert Firefox extensions into Flock-compatible ones [via Daryl’s Flock Blog]. I think i used it a while back and it seemed to work fine.

  2. WOW! thanks a lot man! KNOW I don’t have an excuse for not using flock 😛 cheers! Althou the bookmarks are a little bit weird…

  3. Yeah, i’m not yet comfortable with the online bookmark services integrated in the browser interface. It’s too slow for me.

  4. yes, I miss the “bookmark” button and not the waqy they have it: have to click on “favourites manager” in order to see all my bookmarks!, that suck!

  5. Hi Alejandro. For the next release, the favorites will be more consistent with other browsers.

  6. I hope so 🙂 cuz I’m using Firefox again 😕

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