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How Secure is Ubuntu?

I got an email today about a bug in ubuntu:

It seems that the user's password created during the instalation is listed in, at least, 1 file.
Read the whole thing here

Isn't that funny? Thank God I came back to Debian 🙂

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Brokeback Mountain Parody

This post has moved here. Thanks!


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Surfing with Blog Mad

Yeah, I know: you are seeing BlogMad everywhere and are saying I’m f***g tired of it! but hey, we have a good reasong to talk about it so much 😉

Today, while surfing with it, I found a The Google Idol, guys and girls making their way to stages. But I saw one that made laugh a lot:

I think this is the first video I ever saw about the “singin to the webcam” show…or it was the other 2 girls with really crazy faces? anyway, good video thou 🙂

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Si Microsoft rediseñara la paquetería del IPod

Bueno, esto es de un post conocido de Scoble, pero queria hacerlo en español 🙂

Un video genial sobre el resultado de un producto rediseñado por M$, el resultado? Genial, felicitaciones a Microsoft…

La dirección original es esta

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This won’t last…

Well, it’s just sad I won’t have so many hits on one day…but the good thing is that it actually happened 😉

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4th Fast growing Blog?

Reading the Dashboard I just realized I’m 4th!! that’s amazing! 😀 maybe the “meneame” effect helped me a lot, but whatever, I’m there 😛

For the record, here is a pic 😉

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Why Windows Vista is so slow starting up?

Reading a Spanish blog, I found out why is Windows Vista so slow when booting:

Isn’t that amazing? how cool is that?

Read it (in Spanish!) here

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