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Back to Windows?

Well, my lovely old NIC is broken (a RTL 8139 Chip) and I don’t know why 😦 so I went back to my old Nvidia NIC (Nforce3) and then…everything was slow again 😦

I’m going to buy a new NIC tomorrow πŸ™‚ and hopefully it will work ok…but hey, lets wait until I have the NIC

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Changing Distro!

Well, it seems that (K)Ubuntu has some bug in the network because is really slow accessing webs, Firefox and Konqueror waas sooooo slow that I was really pissed off every single day I used. But then I had an idea: Debian! yes!! I'm installing Debian right now, upgrading the system and then I'll install KDE or Ubuntu (it depends on the version). Right now it's almost finished so later I'll get my hand on this. I have to go to Eva's house…c-ya πŸ˜›

PS: This post was made with Lynx, works just fine πŸ™‚

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Spore Gameplay Video

Again, surfing, I saw a gameplay video, by Google, very nice! Should I buy the game? πŸ˜‰

Watch the video here

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Brokeback Mountain Parody

This post has moved here. Thanks!


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Yale steals Inca’s Property!

This is the English version of my other post

I was reading the news in U.S.A Today a couple of days ago and I found an article in which they talk about how the University of Yale has been evading, for almost 90 years, the peruvian right of having the pieces back, that Hiram Bingham found in the Lost City in 1911.

So, Yales says they don’t have any gold pieces.. I wonder myself how it is possible that in Machu Picchu they have not found gold (you could find gold even underneath stones…).

The Peruvian Government is studying the possibility of demanding them so they can return to Cuzco before the centenary of the finding.

The Peruvian Government alleges that Yale has more than 5000 pieces, among gold one and silver and infinity of devices used at the end of 15th century.

According to a letter of Yale from last December, at the time of the delivery of the treasure, the law at that time gives the property to them. True? don’t know, don’t care.

Most crazy thing is that Yale says that the devices found in the city are property of the humanity and not of the Peruvian Government! πŸ˜• somebody can explain that?

Yale also says that it has given back many boxes with archaeological rests to Peru, nevertheless, the boxes only contained bones, which not even were human, but that belonged to rest animals that not even belong to Machu Picchu!

The question is if Peru will be let this happen when Yale says that the devices belong in his totalidad… to them…

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Surfing with Blog Mad

Yeah, I know: you are seeing BlogMad everywhere and are saying I’m f***g tired of it! but hey, we have a good reasong to talk about it so much πŸ˜‰

Today, while surfing with it, I found a The Google Idol, guys and girls making their way to stages. But I saw one that made laugh a lot:

I think this is the first video I ever saw about the “singin to the webcam” show…or it was the other 2 girls with really crazy faces? anyway, good video thou πŸ™‚

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I’m on the hot spot again!

After a post about Yale not giving back items they took from Machu Picchu, Peru, my site recieved 205 hits in one day! πŸ˜€

So, for today I’ll be in the “Fastest Growing” list πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† and althou not everyone that visit will comment, at least I’m gonna get some readers for, at least, one or two days πŸ™‚

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