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A Working Network!!!

Well, after seeing that I’ve missed a lot of thing since the las time I used Linux, the whole “I have a problem with the NIC” thing was my mistake. It seems that now, you have to put the dns servers inside /etc/network/interfaces and I did it in /etc/resolv.conf which I thought I should put it as allways.

Now everything it’s just perfect 🙂 now It’s time for some Nvidia Video Drivers and for some SATA + fstab playing 😉

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How Secure is Ubuntu?

I got an email today about a bug in ubuntu:

It seems that the user's password created during the instalation is listed in, at least, 1 file.
Read the whole thing here

Isn't that funny? Thank God I came back to Debian 🙂

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Back to Windows?

Well, my lovely old NIC is broken (a RTL 8139 Chip) and I don’t know why 😦 so I went back to my old Nvidia NIC (Nforce3) and then…everything was slow again 😦

I’m going to buy a new NIC tomorrow 🙂 and hopefully it will work ok…but hey, lets wait until I have the NIC

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Changing Distro!

Well, it seems that (K)Ubuntu has some bug in the network because is really slow accessing webs, Firefox and Konqueror waas sooooo slow that I was really pissed off every single day I used. But then I had an idea: Debian! yes!! I'm installing Debian right now, upgrading the system and then I'll install KDE or Ubuntu (it depends on the version). Right now it's almost finished so later I'll get my hand on this. I have to go to Eva's house…c-ya 😛

PS: This post was made with Lynx, works just fine 🙂

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I just installed Flock and it’s really great! (actually, I’m posting from flock  without having to go to my blog!!), sadly, there is always a "but", so but I can’t install the few extensions I need in order to use Flock (I use them in Firefox).

Most of the extensions complains about the version saying it needs a 1.+ version (flock is 0.5!)…so, 2 good 2 be true 😦

PS: Thank to Miahz I found a bunch of extensions I’m able to use with Flock.
PS2: The link for Flock

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Usando Tarjeta de Red Nvidia NForce3

Al parecer, luego de instalar los drivers de Nvidia, el driver que instala (k)ubuntu sigue cargándose y sigue siendo utulizado por el kernel como driver primario. Para que esto no suceda, se puede llegar a una solución algo lógica:

Creamos un archivo llamado:

sudo gedit /etc/init.d/nvnet

en el archivo ponemos esto:


rmmod forcedeth
modprobe -r nvnet
modprobe nvnet

y ejecutas

sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/nvnet /etc/rcS.d/S40hz_nvnet

Ese 40 pone el script después del hotplug, pero antes de que se configure la red 😉 y para que el archivo pueda ser ejecutable:
sudo chmod ugo+x /etc/init.d/nvnet

Y bualá 😛

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Linux hits Micro$oft back!

While reading LinuxFilter I found a very good article about a study where

Most Linux administrators spent less than 5 minutes per server per week on patch management. Sophisticated management tools reduce this effort even further. Also, in more than 60 percent of cases, when problems occur in Linux environments they are diagnosed and repaired in less than 30 minutes, more than 8 times faster than industry average.

What will the MS crowd say about his? yeah, that the company that made that study is part of a Linux comunity? uhmmm hell I can’t come up with a better reason (I need more creativity!!!)

Well, at least every one will finally know the truth about Linux Systems 😉

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