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How Secure is Ubuntu?

I got an email today about a bug in ubuntu:

It seems that the user's password created during the instalation is listed in, at least, 1 file.
Read the whole thing here

Isn't that funny? Thank God I came back to Debian 🙂

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Back to Windows?

Well, my lovely old NIC is broken (a RTL 8139 Chip) and I don’t know why 😦 so I went back to my old Nvidia NIC (Nforce3) and then…everything was slow again 😦

I’m going to buy a new NIC tomorrow 🙂 and hopefully it will work ok…but hey, lets wait until I have the NIC

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Changing Distro!

Well, it seems that (K)Ubuntu has some bug in the network because is really slow accessing webs, Firefox and Konqueror waas sooooo slow that I was really pissed off every single day I used. But then I had an idea: Debian! yes!! I'm installing Debian right now, upgrading the system and then I'll install KDE or Ubuntu (it depends on the version). Right now it's almost finished so later I'll get my hand on this. I have to go to Eva's house…c-ya 😛

PS: This post was made with Lynx, works just fine 🙂

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Usando Tarjeta de Red Nvidia NForce3

Al parecer, luego de instalar los drivers de Nvidia, el driver que instala (k)ubuntu sigue cargándose y sigue siendo utulizado por el kernel como driver primario. Para que esto no suceda, se puede llegar a una solución algo lógica:

Creamos un archivo llamado:

sudo gedit /etc/init.d/nvnet

en el archivo ponemos esto:


rmmod forcedeth
modprobe -r nvnet
modprobe nvnet

y ejecutas

sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/nvnet /etc/rcS.d/S40hz_nvnet

Ese 40 pone el script después del hotplug, pero antes de que se configure la red 😉 y para que el archivo pueda ser ejecutable:
sudo chmod ugo+x /etc/init.d/nvnet

Y bualá 😛

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Changin my FTP client

After dealing with so many error with KBear, I get tired of it, so decided to change to my old loved Gftp, it’s Gnome based ftp client but is really good one, so I won’t be using Kbear anymore 😉


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Windows XP + MacOS + Ubuntu Linux review

Some friends of mine have made a comparision between those 3 OS’ and it seems that each one of them has good and bad things…you can see the web here (in Spanish) or use a web translator (like babelfish or wordlingo) to see it in English. Anyway, the comparision is kind of cool…


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Switching to KDE…

After reading a post I realized I wanted KDE so badly that I started to download Kubuntu as soon as possible. It’s downloading @ 170 KBps so it will be ready in a few minutes.

As soon as I download Kubuntu I will install it right away 😀 and try to look arround the configuration to make it look more “Alejandro-likes-the-look-on-KDE” style 😉

Let’s hope it’s going to be ok 😛

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