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Testing WP+Google Video

This should work 🙂 Technorati Tags: Video, Google, Fun Search Site: Video, Google, Fun Advertisements

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My Own Google 2

Well, this time is not a search engine, but a my-google-like website, I have news, weather, movie tickets and other things tht make the website really interesting!! .:: Link ::.

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Google in Braile

Today i just saw the Google pic in braile!! it looks great! 😀


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My own Google

Some time ago I found a website where I can use my name for making a google-like search engine. Its really cool!!

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Spore Gameplay Video

Again, surfing, I saw a gameplay video, by Google, very nice! Should I buy the game? 😉 Watch the video here technorati Tags: Spore, Video, Google, Fun, GameplaySearch this: Spore, Video, Google, Fun, Gameplay

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Surfing with Blog Mad

Yeah, I know: you are seeing BlogMad everywhere and are saying I’m f***g tired of it! but hey, we have a good reasong to talk about it so much 😉 Today, while surfing with it, I found a The Google … Continue reading


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Sharing the truth about 9/11

I just saw a +1 hour video about a conspiracy-theory . See it, and jugde. I don’t hate U.S citizens, but their government… Tags: U.S. Government, Conspiracy Theory, Google Search this: U.S. Government, Conspiracy Theory, Google

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Jokes about Microsoft

I just installed Picasa and added all my pictures. Within those pictures I found some jokes about Micosoft. I just love them and because of that, here are they Tags: Microsoft, Photos, Fun Search this: Microsoft, Photos, Fun

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Siberian Husky!

I was watching a blog when I saw something I didn’t knew what it was (as allways) and searched in Google, well, one of the results was…the same race of my Anieva. She was sooooo beautiful, small, but incredibly beautiful. … Continue reading

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