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A Working Network!!!

Well, after seeing that I’ve missed a lot of thing since the las time I used Linux, the whole “I have a problem with the NIC” thing was my mistake. It seems that now, you have to put the dns … Continue reading

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Back to Windows?

Well, my lovely old NIC is broken (a RTL 8139 Chip) and I don’t know why 😦 so I went back to my old Nvidia NIC (Nforce3) and then…everything was slow again 😦 I’m going to buy a new NIC … Continue reading


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Spore Gameplay Video

Again, surfing, I saw a gameplay video, by Google, very nice! Should I buy the game? 😉 Watch the video here technorati Tags: Spore, Video, Google, Fun, GameplaySearch this: Spore, Video, Google, Fun, Gameplay

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Usando Tarjeta de Red Nvidia NForce3

Al parecer, luego de instalar los drivers de Nvidia, el driver que instala (k)ubuntu sigue cargándose y sigue siendo utulizado por el kernel como driver primario. Para que esto no suceda, se puede llegar a una solución algo lógica: Creamos … Continue reading

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Browsing WordPress Themes

Back when I was using my own webserver and NOBODY was reading my blog (well, just my girlfriend…how sad!) I spend a lot of time searching for a cool theme for and ended up with sooooo many options that … Continue reading

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Using Technorati Tags

Well, this was kind of a chain. I read it on the “Ubuntus – The Newbie’s Blog” about tagging on Lorelle’s blog here. I decided to use it on my blog, but why? just simple: I don’t know and I … Continue reading


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I just found AjChat “more than just a chat” you can create a chat channel from just a website, blog or where ever you want 😉 it looks nice, allthou it’s a little bit slow, but it works 😛

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Anti-Firefox or SU (Stupid User)

It seems that in not comatible with Firefox 1.5 as some features are not usable with that version 😦 or is just me? anyway, there are some things that bother me, for example: If my blog is “homelinux” and … Continue reading

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