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Changing Distro!

Well, it seems that (K)Ubuntu has some bug in the network because is really slow accessing webs, Firefox and Konqueror waas sooooo slow that I was really pissed off every single day I used. But then I had an idea: … Continue reading

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Yesterday I saw a post about Blender3D, an open source program for 3D rendering, modeling and animation. It loks great! and the screenshots are amazing!

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I just saw a post that there is another program (maybe better?) like The Gimp and it really loks great, the only bad thing is that it’s only to try (it costs 32 US$ or 26.72€)…it should be an open … Continue reading

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The Coolest FF Extension Ever

I just found a Firefox extension called Reveal, it’s amazing althou you can use the mouse to change the tabs, it looks lot better with this 😉 Tags: FireFox Extensions, OpenSource Search this: Firefox, Extensions, OpenSource

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