Back to Windows?

Well, my lovely old NIC is broken (a RTL 8139 Chip) and I don’t know why 😦 so I went back to my old Nvidia NIC (Nforce3) and then…everything was slow again 😦

I’m going to buy a new NIC tomorrow 🙂 and hopefully it will work ok…but hey, lets wait until I have the NIC

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4 responses to “Back to Windows?

  1. jesus

    I was just looking for some information after installing xubuntu, and here you are, ale! First, I thought it was too much of a coincidence that the owner of this blog was from Peru and knew an Eva… But, yes, it is a nice coincidence!
    Nice blog, by the way. Design, info, everything.
    Well, take care man!

    Never back to windows!!! 🙂

  2. Hi! So, you know a peruvian guy that has a girlfriend called Eva? tell me a little bit about this 🙂 I’m curious!!! 😛

  3. waxxbee

    Playing a little fast and loose with tags, aren’t we?

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